The Cleveland Cavaliers have lost 8 of their last 15 games.  In those games, they have given up an average of 109 points per game.  Their most embarrassing loss was handed to them by the Spurs Monday night in a 29-point defeat.  With recent struggles, teams like the Celtics and Wizards have gained ground in the Eastern Conference.  The Celtics are now the number one seed and the Wizards are two and a half games behind the Cavs.  This team is trending in the wrong direction with the playoffs only 25 days away.  All season long there seems to have been a disconnect in chemistry between the team.  Lebron demands to have more playmakers around him.  J.R. Smith was injured for three months early in the season and then Kevin Love is just returning after being out for six weeks.  This team is full of distractions.  Just lately, media clown Lavar Ball has claimed his kids are better set up for success than Lebron James’s in basketball.  Then, after losing to the Spurs Monday night, Lebron himself said that the Cavs were in a “delicate state”.  This Lebron led team has an eerie feeling to them and have been in the news for all the wrong reasons.  Don’t be surprised if these struggles derail the Cavs’ hopes of making the finals for a third consecutive year.